Silindo and Siyalo’s Zulu Wedding


Silindo originally contacted me about shooting their wedding at Netherwood. They both now live in Joburg and wanted to come down to celebrate their wedding with their friend’s and family. When Silindo¬† then asked me if we could also shoot their traditional Zulu wedding – on the same day – we jumped at the chance! We have never shot a Zulu wedding before but have been frothing to! The ceremony…Read more

Kate and Wes at Bellevue Cafe


When Kate and I first began chatting over email and she mentioned they would have a small wedding at Bellevue Cafe where she manages, and would be wearing a pink dress and that her and Wes were super easy going and just wanted relaxed and meaningful pics, I knew we were in for a wedding treat! They had their ceremony at Firgrove Chapel in Assagay (where Andy and I got…Read more

Stacey and Warren at Lake Naverone


Stacey and Warren’s wedding was at the picturesque Lake Naverone, a place Stacey and her family have come to for her whole life on holiday. Autumn weddings are some of our favourite with the rich colours that always full the countryside. The rich browns, oranges and reds were the perfect accompaniement to this gorgeous bride.¬† Their ceremony was on an island in the middle of a breathtakingly gorgeous lake and…Read more

Candice and Shane Trash the Dress


We dont often do “trash the dress” shoots as they tend to often be kind of the same. When Candice pitched the idea to me of doing it in Mozambique I immediately imagined trashing the dress with Ponta D’Ouro’s famous R&R (rum and rasberry). Luckily for us they were up for a bit of fun! Needless to say we got some pretty weird looks while doing it. To get Candice…Read more

Candice and Shane in Mozambique


Candice and Shane’s wedding was 2 years to the weekend after our first Mozambique wedding, so when Stace from the Love Bucket asked if we were keen to be on board for Candice and Shane’s intimate wedding of 20 people we jumped at the chance. Candice and Shane are the kind of fun and goofy couple we just love! They were constantly laughing, playing the fool and just having the…Read more

Zanna and Rob at Jex Estate


I feel like I am becoming a stuck record always talking about how awesome the weddings we shoot are, but Zanna and Rob’s wedding was truly phenomenal in so many ways! Their wedding was at the picturesque old farm house on the beach called Jex Estate. We had never shot there before and we were blown away by its beauty and tranquility! We could very easily have been on a…Read more

Lyn and Thys at Bergventure and Wits End


Lyn and Thys live in a place many people dream of going on holiday to.¬† When Lyn first contacted me about us shooting their wedding in the foothills on Monks Cowl we jumped at the chance as we simply adore the Drakensberg! When we arrived at Bergventure we were absolutely speechless to see the place they call home! They got married in their “backyard” and I must admit, it is…Read more

Adventures in Peru – Cusco and back to Santa Cruz


Cusco was our last stop in Peru and we left it til last so that we would be there over Christmas, which we had heard is phenomenal. We arrived in Cusco late on Christmas Eve straight from Macchu Picchu and got into town as soon as we could. Quite uncharacteristically, we left our cameras in our room. We thought (for once) it may be nice to just experience events without…Read more

Jenine and Graham at Talloula


Jenine and Graham got married at the lovely Talloula which it turns out is right around the corner from our house! It was awesome shooting a wedding where we drove literally three minutes to the venue! The weather was playing it a bit crazy changing from moody and super overcast to bright sun in the matter of seconds! Jenine and Graham’s decor was super fun and creative and we loved…Read more

Rebecca and Guy at Gowrie Farm


Rebecca and Guy got married on the farm that Rebecca grew up on in the Midlands. Their ceremony was at Michaelhouse, where Guy went to school and their reception was set up in her parent’s beautiful garden. Every part of their wedding was personal and elegantly put together. We were surrounded by green rolling hills and beautiful soft mist the entire day. Their wedding was so lovely and emotional .…Read more