Lyn and Thys at Bergventure and Wits End


Lyn and Thys live in a place many people dream of going on holiday to.  When Lyn first contacted me about us shooting their wedding in the foothills on Monks Cowl we jumped at the chance as we simply adore the Drakensberg! When we arrived at Bergventure we were absolutely speechless to see the place they call home! They got married in their “backyard” and I must admit, it is…Read more

Adventures in Peru – Cusco and back to Santa Cruz


Cusco was our last stop in Peru and we left it til last so that we would be there over Christmas, which we had heard is phenomenal. We arrived in Cusco late on Christmas Eve straight from Macchu Picchu and got into town as soon as we could. Quite uncharacteristically, we left our cameras in our room. We thought (for once) it may be nice to just experience events without…Read more

Jenine and Graham at Talloula


Jenine and Graham got married at the lovely Talloula which it turns out is right around the corner from our house! It was awesome shooting a wedding where we drove literally three minutes to the venue! The weather was playing it a bit crazy changing from moody and super overcast to bright sun in the matter of seconds! Jenine and Graham’s decor was super fun and creative and we loved…Read more

Rebecca and Guy at Gowrie Farm


Rebecca and Guy got married on the farm that Rebecca grew up on in the Midlands. Their ceremony was at Michaelhouse, where Guy went to school and their reception was set up in her parent’s beautiful garden. Every part of their wedding was personal and elegantly put together. We were surrounded by green rolling hills and beautiful soft mist the entire day. Their wedding was so lovely and emotional .…Read more

Adventures in Peru – Macchu Picchu


When we first decided  South America was our next destination, the first thing we decided we had to do was visit Macchu Picchu. The rest of the trip we constructed around it.We wanted to experience as many diverse things as possible and as we wouldnt have time to do the full 5 day Inca trail, we decided to do the abridged version which is 2 days and follows the last…Read more

Kelly and Alan at the RoseBarn in St Francis Bay


Where do I start when it comes to Kelly and Alan? These two are some of the warmest and most lovely people we have ever met. Their families are big and loving and their wedding was a beautiful and emotional affair.  They met when they were both doing their  medical internship in a rural KZN town in the middle of nowhere helping the local community and this is when their…Read more

Adventures in Peru – The Sacred Valley


The Sacred Valley was our first port of call in Peru. From the research we did it seems many people fly through the Sacred Valley on their way to Macchu Picchu. We decided to base ourselves in the Incan town of Ollantaytambo and used it as our base to explore the Sacred Valley. The Sacred Valley was not only exquisitely beautiful with the bulging Urubamba river flowing through the green…Read more

Bolivia to Peru


After de-stressing in La Paz for a couple of days we decided to cross over to Peru via Puno. We decided not to go to Copacabana which had originally been on our itinerary as from what we heard it was super touristy whereas Puno was less so. From all our reading Puno got terrible reviews, but to be honest, we thought the little town was pretty awesome! Getting to Peru…Read more

Mariane and Jono at the Hatchery


Mariane and Jono’s wedding was our first of 2014 and we felt so blessed to start our year with such an amazing wedding. When Mariane first messaged me I knew their wedding was going to be special. In Mariane’s words: “I’m french, met with husband to be while visiting St Lucia, never left this little town since, so this wedding is the perfect occasion to have all our friends and…Read more

Adventures in Bolivia – La Paz


La Paz was meant to be just a stopover on our way up to Peru, but after our traumatic flight experience we decided to stay there a couple days. We are so glad we did as La Paz turned out to be a very cool and quirky city! La Paz is in a giant crater and as the city has grown, it has grown up the sides of the crater…Read more